Our team of experts help organizations build and maintain a strong relationship to secure the supply of critical workforces.

Staffing Solutions

We work with clients to analyze, define, design and implement IT strategies to integrate systems and drive business growth.Contract Staffing, Contract-to-Hire, and Direct Hire Placement.


Recruitment Services

Businesses can outrace competition by adopting responsive and agile IT capabilities. It is proven that, the real differentiators are definitely the combined talents and competencies of people who steer each IT project to success.

Scale's IT Staffing Solutions help client-businesses to secure and optimize resource talent for any project. For each client engagement we bring the right set of people with matching skills and competencies, anywhere and anytime.


Helps businesses to achieve business growth, and ensure greater client satisfaction. We leverage on custom technology solutions and flexible delivery models to enhance business momentum and achieve transformation needful to meet change, and face competition.

Scale IT has proven experience in developing enterprise business and technology solutions. Mission: To align the client’s business goals with the IT strategies. Our focused and dedicated Centers of Excellence (CoEs) help in delivering solutions with strong customization and complete value.



Financial Services +

Financial Services

The financial services industry is dynamic. Navigating economic change and evolving regulatory compliance requirements is hard. The landscape is consistently disrupted with innovative technology and strategic opportunities.

We’ll help you achieve your destination without recalculating. Whether that’s designing a seamless customer experience, improving security or expanding market share. We partner with you to navigate the unknown and fly over speed bumps: partners on the road to powerful results.

Government +


Citizens’ expectations are rapidly rising. Transitioning from your current state to a compelling digital ecosystem is a competitive imperative. Surging forward by modernizing legacy systems, securing your environments and finding the best IT talent is becoming mission critical. Let us help you accelerate toward sustainable and meaningful change.

We partner with public sector agencies and integrators working to elevate strategic operations and fast-track critical IT projects. Embracing our experience within the government landscape, we’ll be a strategic partner, locking arms with you to get the job done. Your priorities are embedded in our every move to effect change and implement real solutions—securely and on time.

Manufacturing +


From streamlining product life cycles and innovating with intelligent applications to getting ahead of demand and making the most of your resources, we build solutions that redefine what it means to deliver in real time.

Supply Chain +

Supply Chain and Logistics

Efficiently and effectively employing data is the driving force in getting people where they need to be. From managing fleet maintenance and optimizing routes to predicting rider impact, our solutions keep your riders on track.

Healthcare & Pharma +

Healthcare Services

No matter your business needs, we know it all comes down to patient care. As your services partner, we build innovative, scalable solutions that let you focus on what really matters: helping people live healthier lives.

Providing business-enabling technologies and repeatable solutions capabilities to help meet existing and emerging healthcare industry needs. With a wealth of skilled resources and future-focused thought leadership, we deliver scalable solutions that make an impact today and position you for success tomorrow. Partnership, at the pace of change.

Insurance +


All sectors face challenges. But, in insurance, the list is especially long. Profound regulatory change. Unprecedented opportunity in emerging markets. Lingering economic uncertainty. Technology-driven disruptions. Rising consumer expectations. Intense cost and competitive pressures.

Through our services, we can help you address these issues — and embrace innovation and transformation to improve performance and drive long-term growth. We help insurers navigate disruption, manage regulatory change and integrate technology to transform and achieve growth.

IT Services

Scale IT offers reliable, custom, value-driven and full-fledged IT services to local and global clients. Our technology offerings aim to enhance the client’s business processes with an assurance on high returns on the investments made

Application Management Services

Scale IT offers affordable and high-quality driven application development and maintenance services. We follow established methodologies to develop solutions for a variety of complex organizational problems.

Architecture Services

Each IT infrastructure solution should result in enhancing the effectives of the client’s and assures enhanced bottom line.

Information Management Services

We help our clients by developing their information management processes and strategies that in turn will strengthen their assets.

Lifecycle Management

We help clients by managing effectively their IT lifecycle by leveraging on the best of proprietary and open source technologies.

Infrastructure Services

We offer end-to-end support towards strengthening your business systems.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services

We offer full-scale and custom QA and Testing Services across the entire software test life cycle. It includes product testing, functional and non-functional testing.


With such a diverse and broad employee base, respect is requisite, and individuality celebrated. With your goals and our vision, ScaleIT can provide the backdrop for a promising and fruitful career in an environment where diversity is believed to be concurrent with advancement. We believe in enjoying what we do, and in doing what we believe to the highest of our ability. Our philosophy is to motivate our teams to defy the 'status quo' and outperform the competition. Our work ethic and track record bears testimony to this belief. We thrive on the variety of what our employees bring to the 'work-table', and recognize the importance of what individual contributions make to the team effort. These contributions are rewarded and celebrated in order to sustain a healthy work-life balance. When you become a employee of ScaleIT, you become, in essence, a full-time employee and you will gain many of the same benefits of a permanent employee. ScaleIT offers a comprehensive and flexible plan that allows you to design your own package according to your needs and those of your dependents. We continually review our benefits in an attempt to provide you with many of the best benefits programs available in the industry.


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